The Redhead Digs

Amanda Hope Haley, a crazy-fun Scripture-loving author and speaker who studied biblical archaeology at Harvard (what?!), invites you to jump head-first into adventure! You’ll enjoy this redhead’s lively way of helping you to think critically, frame the Bible’s historical events, and live life in fuller context. We’re all looking for memorable ways to grow, and that begins with rolling up our sleeves and getting in the dirt. So let’s get going!

Grab a pick and dig in!

Did You Know?

God’s name is not “Jehovah.” It is actually YHWH and pronounced “Yahweh.” The Divine Name was translated into German before it came into English, and Germans pronounce Ys like Js and Ws like Vs; that made His name Jahveh. Then in the 13th century, some other Christians changed the vowels to match the vowels in the word Adonai (E-O-A) to produce “Jehovah,” which has zero connection to the Biblical text.