The Deep End of Social Media

Blogging is new to me. Facebook is new to me, too, although I’ve had a Facebook account in the past. What was nothing but a huge, closed network when I left it in 2009 has since become an international phenomenon.  My mother is on Facebook. My husband is on Facebook. Before she died, my grandmother was on Facebook. Technically she’s still on Facebook because no one in the family can figure out how to close her page. I regularly get a “friend suggestion” from her. That’s just creepy.

But I couldn’t stay in the dark forever. I’m an author, and when you write books in the 21st century, social media is an indispensable connection to your readers. So here I am: blogging and Facebooking. I even have a Fan Page (whatever that is)!

Thomas Nelson Publishers will be publishing my first book in 2014. More details will come about that once I’m allowed to tell you! For now, know that I am committed to living a “whole life.” I love God, I love my family, I love my community, and I love being healthy. Join me as I learn more about all four!

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