The Stork Has Landed

Amanda and Elli celebrating the joys of mascara!

David and I spent the last 5 years as Life Group leaders at our church. We hosted biweekly meetings and led discussions on Scripture or devotional materials selected by the group. Food was usually involved one way or another, and we had so much fun that meetings occasionally went until the wee hours of the morning. Life Group has been a big part of our lives. The faces have changed over time, but invariably we’ve counted our best friends among the group’s members. That’s what made our decision last week to end the group so unexpected.

It really wasn’t my decision; it was a God-thing. Up until 2 years ago, we were a Young Adult group. Most were married, some were single, NONE had children. Be it newborn babies or foster kids, as of last night, David and I remain the only couple without kids.

Elijah and David watching cartoons.

As I see it, this is a best-case scenario for us. We get to have all the fun snuggling and loving on the little ones only to give them back when they have wet diapers or throw fits.

We rarely have to discipline, so we’re always in good favor. Best of all, David has an actual adult excuse to watch cartoons. It’s a dream scenario!

As you get to know me a little bit better, you’ll learn that David and I can’t have children. We went through 7 years of infertility treatments and multiple miscarriages. God has done a lot of work on my heart during those years, and only recently have I accepted that God simply has other plans for me than motherhood. I’m publishing a book with Thomas Nelson in 2014 that I hope will bring information, laughter, comfort, and community to women who have similar struggles with fertility.

I take so much joy in the little ones around me who seem to like me better than most other adults. David says it’s because I “get down on their level.” That’s a compliment, right?

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