I Love Late July

I don’t mean the month. July in Tennessee is miserable. Even sitting here in the middle of February on a grey day, I dread July. Heat indexes hit 8,000 degrees, and your skin (or maybe your foundation) melts off your face when you get more than 2 feet from an air conditioning vent. It isn’t pretty.

I love Late July chips. Why? Because they’ve gotten my husband on-board the clean-eating ship.

Since David and I started avoiding all chemicals and eating tons of organics, I don’t go down the grocery aisles very often. Organic produce, organic dairy, Ezekiel bread. That’s about it. But believe it or not, the chip aisle has become standard for me. David is a self-described snack addict. He would rather eat a bag of chips and some spicy homemade dip than the most beautiful organic meal I can whip up. I try not to be offended by that.

So why do these chips make me smile? No chemicals, no artificial anything, organic ingredients, non-GMO grains, and no sugar! You’d be amazed how many salty snacks are full of refined sugar. These chips aren’t light in calories, so consume in moderation. This is really hard to do (especially for my snack addict!) with all the tasty varieties they sell. My local Publix carries five flavors, our favorites being Mild Green Mojo and How Sweet Potato It Is. Combine any of those with some plain hummus, and you’ve got a nutritional treat full of protein, fiber, and good fatty acids. What’s not to love?

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