The Podcast Is Live!

At the beginning of the year, A. J. Farley (the youth director at our church) had a wacky idea to start a podcast geared for people who are “in the world but not of the world” and “in the Church but not of the church.” The wacky part was that he asked me to be involved. This is our initial exchange:

I’m happy to report that not only do I now know what a podcast is, but that “Living in Exile” is live! Every Friday we’re releasing a new 20-minute conversation that uses biblical exegesis (that’s mostly me) to comment on contemporary “Christian” culture (that’s totally A. J.). For now you can find these casual, practical, and often humorous discussions under “The Podcast” tab of my website and on A. J.’s blog. Soon we’ll have a separate website devoted to the podcast up and going, and starting in 2014, I will post short weekly Bible studies there that coincide with that week’s topic.

I am really excited about this new endeavor. If you are a Bible lover who is not-so-in-love with the corporate church culture that is prevalent in America, then give us a listen! If you are in love with your church (as you know I am if you read my blog), then give us a listen! I know you’ll be entertained, and maybe a little bit uplifted!

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