Win the Official InScribed Necklace!

In honor of the InScribed Studies Blog-Hop Week, I am giving away an InScribed necklace to one of my readers on Friday. Be ahead of the fashion curve and sport this Lisa Leonard design before it hits stores. All you have to do is WIN!

I love to play games. David and I spend most of our weekends (when we’re in Tennessee) with friends and family playing Canasta, Munchkin, or Settlers of Catan. It’s a great way to get to know new friends because you quickly learn each other’s thought process and competitive spirit. And it’s cheap! I’d love to get to know my readers better, so here’s a little game David and I came up with while traveling out West.

Take a look at the photographs below. These are places I have been blessed to visit, and places where I felt especially close to God. Reply to this blog post in a comment, and guess where in the world I am. Then tell me your favorite place to have a little quiet time with God. It may be standing at the top of the world or sitting at your grandmother’s secretary in your bedroom. On Friday at noon MDT, I’ll do a random drawing of all my commentators and announce the winner on the blog.

Ready, set, GO!

1. Garden of Gethsemane or Biltmore Gardens?
2. Mendenhall Lake or Niagara Falls?

3. Petrified Forest or Mount St. Helens?

4. Key West or Hilton Head Island?

5. Israel or Utah?

6. Israel or Utah?

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