My Book Cover Revealed!

A month or so ago, I teased on Facebook that work had begun on my book cover. Today, I am ready to share with you the amazing artwork of Kate Mulvaney at HarperCollins Christian Publishing!

I am so pleased with the work she did. The initial idea of the cover came to me on David’s and my first trip to Denver. We were already impressed by the desolate beauty of the prairie and the rocks that surround the city when one day, while hiking at the Red Rocks, we literally stumbled into wild lavender. I loved the juxtaposition of the two: a classic, beautiful flower thriving in such harsh terrain. We later realized that this is common in Western landscapes:

Engelmann’s Aster
Hoary Tansyaster

These two aster plants were growing at the top of a mountain near Park City, UT.

When it reaches bookstores next Fall, I hope the customers will see in the artwork the theme of my book: beauty, strength, and resilience can come from any dark and cold season of life.

Please tell me, what do you think of the cover? Would it motivate you to pick up the book?

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