Yahannan’s “Revolution” in Asia

Are you sick of all my Barren marketing? Me too. So here’s something totally different and more edifying!

I received a copy of this book, Revolution in World Missions, from the staff at Gospel for Asia. It was written by the organization’s founder, K. P. Yahannan, and describes the inspiration for and philosophy of the organization.

I expected the book to be informative, thought-provoking, and well-written; but I didn’t anticipate just how much I would identify with it.

Gospel for Asia is dedicated to equipping what they call national evangelists. These are native Asians who dedicate their lives to God and His Great Commission, then serve Him in their own communities. Yahannan writes,

“We [missionaries] must learn to adapt to the culture. This is why the national evangelist, who comes from the native soil, is so effective. When Americans here in the United States are approached by yellow-robed Krishna worshippers—with their shaved heads and prayer beads—they reject Hinduism immediately. In the same way, Hindus reject Christianity when it comes in Western forms.”

This concept excites me, not just because it is fiscally responsible and culturally sensitive; but because the idea of people seeing the power of Christ in their own situations is globally applicable. God’s resources are wasted when we try to convert people first to our lifestyles, then to our God. This is true in China and in Chinatown.

Take a day, and read this book. (It’s free; just click HERE.) You’ll learn about the great work Gospel for Asia is doing in the developing world, you’ll reevaluate your daily priorities, and you’ll meet a God not just of your community but of the whole world.

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