When Did We Lose the Ark?

We don’t know much about when or how the Ark of the Covenant disappeared, but we do know that it was never inside Ezra’s second Temple.


Armageddon means the “end of the world” to most of us today, thanks to popular culture. But that definition isn’t quite accurate.

Esau’s Lost “Death-right”

According to Jewish tradition, Esau’s frustration with Jacob did not end in Genesis 33; he challenged the sale of his birthright as Jacob’s body was being interred in the Cave of Machpelah with his parents’.

Leveling Temples and Tels in Gaza

Today Gaza is rich in archaeological artifacts but poor in livable space, so the city leaders and developers continue to level tels in favor of new construction.

Where “Indiana Jones” Gets Archaeology Wrong

When you imagine an archaeological site, do you see white tents, pith helmets, and sand dunes? Is the dig director a middle-aged man with a thick British accent, bossing around his local workers and charging into newly opened tombs with abandon? That image isn’t too far from the truth of the late-19th- and early-20th-century excavations […]

Exploring Mary’s Magdala

Once excavation and restoration are complete, Magdala will be a dazzling example of maritime society in the ancient world.

Knights of Acre

During the Crusades, both the Templars and Hospitallers were warriors, but their spiritual fathers and daily activities put them in fierce opposition with each other.

Summer in Shimron

We are digging in dirt that last saw daylight long before David or Saul were kings in Israel.