Backhanded by Infertility

Yesterday was my birthday, and all the sweet Facebook messages from people I haven’t interacted with since my last birthday made me realize just how lonely I’ve been lately. For the last few years I’ve developed more and more female problems. Last November, my doctors scheduled a surgery for January that led them to schedule […]

Fourth-Day Flood (part 2): Baseboards and Brass

The flood was made worse by a charlatan plumber who recreated our flood so he could call in a water abatement company. We later learned that he got a commission when he sent them new victims.

Freeing Our Front Door

It took me 3 weeks to strip seven layers of junk off of our house’s original mahogany door.

The Other Pink Ribbon

The only time infertility gets a soundbite on the news is when a celebrity confesses her (or his) struggle with it. But once that person has successfully started a family, the disease is never mentioned again. Do we all stop caring about other families as soon as our own medical procedure works or the long-awaited adoption comes through?

Small Room, Big Project

Every little project I’ve started has ended up taking about 5-times longer than it should have due to corners cut by the flippers. This is one of those stories.

Cleaner Air for a Healthier Home

David and I have stopped trying to have children, but we haven’t stopped trying to improve our health. Yes, the new vacuuming regimen takes a little bit longer than the old-fashioned polish-and-rag routine, but I get significantly better and longer-lasting results.