A Study in Botanicals

Restoring and decorating a 100-year-old house requires a motto: “Practice, Precision, Patience.”

Fourth-Day Flood (part 2): Baseboards and Brass

The flood was made worse by a charlatan plumber who recreated our flood so he could call in a water abatement company. We later learned that he got a commission when he sent them new victims.

Freeing Our Front Door

It took me 3 weeks to strip seven layers of junk off of our house’s original mahogany door.

Small Room, Big Project

Every little project I’ve started has ended up taking about 5-times longer than it should have due to corners cut by the flippers. This is one of those stories.

Fast-Forwarding to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can inflame fertility wounds, and I freely admit to ditching church services on several second-Sundays in May. But I am not and have never been anti–Mother’s Day.