Armageddon means the “end of the world” to most of us today, thanks to popular culture. But that definition isn’t quite accurate.

Esau’s Lost “Death-right”

According to Jewish tradition, Esau’s frustration with Jacob did not end in Genesis 33; he challenged the sale of his birthright as Jacob’s body was being interred in the Cave of Machpelah with his parents’.


I have adopted a new motto for myself: Happy-Crazy-Busy. If I’m not working, then I’m thinking about working. It’s crazy, but I am so happy knowing I’m exactly where God wants me to be at this moment.

After Easter

We don’t need to try to predict the end of the world or worry that we might suffer prior to His return. We are here, as children of God, to be used by God to reconcile all of humanity to Him.

What “Fools” We Mortals Be

Too many Christians want to limit God’s grace to only those people whom we think deserve it. We will bend over backward—sail through a hurricane or sleep in a fish—to see our own “enemies” punished when we are no better than they are. That attitude is absurd, and God knew it would take an absurd story to show us our own prejudices.

I Blame Amelia Bedelia

Insisting that every word of Scripture must have a literal meaning that is the same in all languages at all times limits the power of words and ideas. God’s truth never changes, but languages do.

Who Cares about “Blue Eye Shadow”?

The title of my next book, Mary Magdalene Never Wore Blue Eye Shadow, is not so much a statement of fact as it is an acknowledgement of how easy it is to mischaracterize biblical figures.

My Next Book

Many Christians know what they believe but maybe not why they believe it. I think this condition is perpetuated by two things: an unwillingness or inability to read the Bible in its contexts, and an accidental elevation of religious traditions to the level of biblical Scripture. My book teaches readers the importance of historical, literary, and cultural contexts when interpreting Scripture; encourages them to explore the text and question their traditions when the two are contradictory; and reminds them that the Bible is God’s complex and mysterious revelation of Himself to us.