Season 2: Digging New Testament Israel

Catching up with the Red-Haired Archaeologist

Episode 1

Listen to what Amanda has been up to since Season 1 ended. You’ll hear fun stories from her time digging and traveling in Israel, learn about her next book, and get a preview of Season 2.

Tel Maresha and Bet Guvrin

Episode 2

The ancient cities of Maresha and Bet Guvrin hosted civilizations from 700 BCE through the Islamic period, making thorough use of a system of 500+ hand-dug caves.

Herod’s Walls: Masada

Episode 3

Explore Masada, the winter palace of Herod the Great. Learn the background of his biographer, Josephus–who was more Roman propagandist than Jewish sentimentalist.

Dead Sea Scrolls (and the Monks who Made Them)

Episode 4

Written by rebels, ransomed by thieves, and hoarded by scholars. Hear the stories of the creation, discovery, and publication of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

The “New” Dead Sea Scrolls

Episode 5

This bonus episode will tell you all you want to know about the newly revealed scroll fragments, mummified child, and Neolithic basket from Qumran’s so-called Cave of Horror.

The Real Magdala

Episode 6

Peel away the false salacious reputation you may have been told about Mary of Magdala, and learn about the real 1st-century prosperous and devout city that was her home.

The Miracle of Wine in Galilee

Episode 7

Wine was discovered almost 8,000 years ago in Turkey and has been cultivated in and around Israel ever since. Learn how it was used in ancient society and how it relates to biblical narratives.

Nazareth: A Tale of Three Cities

Episode 8

Nazareth doesn’t get a lot of ink in the Bible, but it has a long history. It was a 1st-century Jewish “puritan” city, has attracted Christian pilgrims since 360, and is the largest Muslim city inside Israel today.

Herod’s Walls: The Synagogue and Mosque at Hebron

Episode 9

In ancient Hebron, Abraham bought the first bit of the Promised Land, David unified Israel’s tribes into a nation, and Herod built a structure that now straddles the border between Israel and Palestine.

Jesus’ Three (!) Tombs

Episode 10

Christians know that Jesus resurrected, but where did His body rest for the 3 days following His crucifixion? Listen and learn about 3 possible locations of that most-famous empty tomb.

Herod’s Walls: The Temple Mount

Episode 11

In the final episode of season 2, learn about the violent history and politically charged present of the Jews’ most important artifact.

Season 1: Digging Old Testament Israel

Introducing the Red-Haired Archaeologist

Episode 1

Travel Israel—past and present—learning about its people and its God with Harvard-trained biblical archaeologist, whimsical storyteller, and sunscreen advocate, Amanda Hope Haley.

The “Golden” Calf

Episode 2

When you read about the golden calf the Israelites made in Exodus, do you envision DeMille’s glossy statue from The Ten Commandments? Find out how this traditional Easter film got the details wrong.

Where in the World is David?

Episode 3

For decades, many archaeologists doubted the historical existence of David and Solomon. Listen and learn what evidence proves them wrong!

Touring Solomon’s Temple

Episode 4

Learn how some temples built in other regions of the Levant can help us understand the Bible’s descriptions of Solomon’s temple.

Gates that Never Swing

Episode 5

Ancient gates weren’t hinged pickets as we may imagine when we read Scripture today. They were buildings unto themselves, where important city activities happened every day.

Life along the Wall

Episode 6

Scripture says that Rahab lived “on” or “in” Jericho’s city wall. What does that mean, and what can we learn about her from the “neighborhood” where she lived?

Tombs and the Afterlife

Episode 7

Israelite burials were functionally and symbolically different from modern practices.

Living in Exile Podcast


Hosted by Amanda Hope Haley and A. J. Farley. This one-season podcast explored how Ezra-Nehemiah speaks to people who are “in the world but not of the world,” and “in the Church but not of the church.”

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