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Is your church, book group, or school looking for a speaker for your next event?

Amanda brings her books to life when she teaches about Israel’s ancient history, important artifacts, Scripture development, and hermeneutics. (She’d love to tell you all about that last one–it’s not as clinical as it sounds!) She engages audiences of all ages with her deep knowledge, funny stories, and beautiful photographs.

 Take a look at some recent events:


Amanda recently explained the importance of understanding historical context and rejecting pop-culture portrayals of Scripture to a high school. Highlights included how

  • Hollywood influenced our visions of the “golden calf,”
  • bad translations led to Goliath being labeled a “giant,” and
  • a pope launched the rumor of Mary Magdalene as a sex worker.
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    Expounding on her experiences as an archaeologist in Israel, Amanda entertains audiences with personal and biblical anecdotes that illuminate often-misunderstood biblical texts. She

  • shows how excavations are performed today,
  • connects important sites to biblical history and Scripture,
  • and explains how recent history and politics impact archaeological discoveries.
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    Copper Finds a Manger

    Copper the basset hound travels the world with his friend, Amanda, while she digs on archaeological sites. On this trip to Bethlehem, the ancient city where Jesus was born, this adventurous dog follows his nose to an ancient stone manger. There he meets a new friend who tells him all about life in first-century Judaea and the night a special baby was born in the house Amanda’s excavating.

    This book features

    • a Page for Parents that explains the historical facts behind the story,
    • grades 1-3 reading level,
    • 34 pages of edge-to-edge full-color illustrations, and
    • durable heavyweight pages with a glued binding (no staples!).

    Join Copper as he learns the history of the first Christmas!