Moving on up–to the Fourth Floor

We’re officially moving West! Remember last spring, when I told you David and I had decided to stay in our house? As usual God had other plans. On January 2, we were told to sell the house and get ourselves permanently settled in our 4th-floor Denver apartment by February 1. As I’m sure you can […]

All hail, IKEA!

The primary view from our hotel window. This is my third trip to Denver, but this is the first time I’ve been here knowing, “This is my new home.” You look at things differently when you realize they are about to be part of your life. I’m not overly thrilled with what I’ve seen so […]

Transplant Shock

The decorations were simple because there was no way toimprove upon that view! When Jess and Thomas married in April, David and I purchased 6 potted “grocery” hydrangeas for their ceremony. They weren’t terribly expensive, but I wanted to put that investment to work after the wedding too. Since we were about to expand our […]

Preserving Special Flowers

From the top of the grandkids’ arrangement. When my mother was a child, her grandfather gave her a copy of Gone with the Wind. The book. I’m sure it was beautiful when it was new, but I’ve always known it to have a worn, faded green cover and a spine held on with bright red […]

Celebrate with a Wreath

Jess and Thomas aren’t the only couple I know using burlap and a farm theme for their wedding. Two of my three cousins getting married this summer are doing the same thing. My mother hosted separate bridal showers for both ladies, Meagan and Beth, and decided to decorate her home using their colors–burlap and all. […]

Adventures in Pruning

Stay tuned to see if I can successfully transplant thesearound our new deck before Emmalee’s shower! Last night David caught me in a rather silly situation. He was mowing the lawn–in an impressive diagonal pattern he learned from my father–and I was cutting some lilac blossoms to arrange in our house. He shut down the […]

Busy as a Bee in Spring

Lilacs intoxicate my home with their smellfor a short 2 weeks each year. Spring is my favorite season. I love watching life come to all the flora and fauna: the blooming trees and shrubs, and the dozens of bunnies who like to make our yard into a minefield. This year has been especially lovely with […]

(Almost) Spring Pruning

I know it’s crazy, but my favorite yard chore comes every year at the end of February: pruning our crepe myrtles. It’s the one time I get out in the yard and boss my husband instead of the other-way-around. I am the pruning queen. For years I subscribed to Southern Living magazine. It’s great for […]

My New Home Office

I’ve always enjoyed dabbling in home improvement. My mother tells stories of me racing home from elementary school to watch Hometime on PBS. I was convinced I could build an entire log cabin from scratch, as long as I had the right tools. I did put together anything my parents ever bought, be it Daddy’s […]