The Family Chronicler

I have pneumonia. I’ve had it since Memorial Day, and the dry Denver air has made it tough to heal. A couple of days into my steroids, antibiotics, breathing treatments, and sinus flushes, it occurred to me that my grand genealogy project might be part of the problem. I had been scanning pictures touched by […]

Flying Home

Did you take an aptitude test in high school? My junior year the Air Force administered the ASVAB to all eleventh-grade students, and I learned that the career for which I was best suited was airplane pilot. This tickled Daddy to no end, as he was an aerospace administration major in college. He has the […]

Happy [God]mother’s Day

Dry Creek Crossing at 8:00a MDT I woke up a little late this morning. It is snowing and sleeting in Denver today (while my own mother has sunny, 90-degree weather down in Tennessee), so the clouds kept my bedroom a little darker a little longer than usual. It was 7:30a when my eyes opened and […]

Lilies of the Prairie

Rocky Mountain Lake Park If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that Spring is my favorite season. I love watching the world come to life. I loved pruning my Tennessee lilac bushes and making tulip arrangements. I didn’t love the bees (I’m allergic) or the pollen (allergic to that too); but the […]

Aunties and Old Lace

The priceless (but not valuable) treasures on this table includefalling-apart Bibles, black-feather handfans, 100-year-old medical school diplomas, and letters. So many letter. My kitchen smells funny. It’s that acid-paper, old-glue, pink-mold-covered-photograph smell known to permeate museums and “private collection” sections of libraries worldwide. It’s not a bad smell; it’s just a distinctive smell. It conjures memories […]

Life Happens…Especially in Exile

Originally posted at Living in Exile. Dear faithful listeners, Life has happened to your podcasters. I write to you from Middle-of-Nowhere, Kansas, as my David and I drive the final 300 miles of our move to Denver. A. J. will be sporadically checking his social media from Ohio, where his mother is very ill. We […]

I Choose Heaven

The last time my David and I were in Nashville, my best friend loaned me 4 books–The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Devil and Miss Prym. Melinda’s words to me regarding the Paulo Coelho book were, “Just make it through the first chapters. I promise it’s worth it.” Knowing I was more likely to read […]

Still Not a “Proverbs 31 Woman”

Do you remember this blog from last Summer? It inspired a conversation A. J. and I had about Proverbs 31 in the most recent episode of “Living in Exile.” Check it out! No such thing as a “Proverbs 31 Woman” This post was first published at I first heard the phrase “Proverbs 31 woman” […]

Only You Can Prevent Wildfires

You’ve heard of Smokey Bear? I think his slogan has changed a bit since I was a child. I remember, “You, too, can prevent forest fires!” I guess somewhere along the way someone realized that fires aren’t limited to forests. Since we’ve moved West, David and I have heard a lot about wildfires. We’ve seen […]

Remember the “Good Ole Days”?

Originally posted at Since David and I have started our epic move West, we find ourselves without a “home.” Yes, we still own our house in Tennessee, but we spend so much time away from it that coming back feels like a vacation. When we are in Denver, we long for our idyllic home, […]