Surviving Mother’s Day…with Some Covert Honesty

Sometimes we just don’t know what to do in relationships with people who are struggling. And sometimes, when we don’t know what to say or do, we just turn away. And sometimes, we even say things that are incredibly hurtful and insensitive, even when spoken earnestly and in love.

Surviving Mother’s Day…with Family

Ah, family. Why do some of us think it is okay to check our tact at the door? Family probably doesn’t need a special occasion to get into your business, but Mother’s Day will give the inconsiderate an extra-special license.

Surviving Mother’s Day…in the Media

Anyone who feels punished by Mother’s Day can’t do anything about the physical signs of it all over town, but he or she can choose to cut off the TV, smartphone, computer, and tablet.

Mother’s Day and the “Barren” Woman

I am writing “Mother’s Day Survival: a 5-part Series for the ‘Barren’ Woman” that I’ll post online next week. Each day I’ll highlight a common Mother’s Day tradition that I’ve found painful in the past.

Fast-Forwarding to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can inflame fertility wounds, and I freely admit to ditching church services on several second-Sundays in May. But I am not and have never been anti–Mother’s Day.