The Red-Haired Archaeologist Digs Israel

Travel Israel–past and present.

Learn about its people and its God with Harvard-trained biblical archaeologist, whimsical storyteller, and sunscreen advocate, Amanda Hope Haley.

Despite what’s seen in the Indiana Jones movies, archaeology isn’t a fast-paced quest to recover legendary objects lost to time. Scholar and writer Amanda Hope Haley’s digs in Israel have been dusty, rigorous, and open-minded hunts for clues that reveal the world as it existed when the Bible was written.

In The Red-Haired Archaeologist Digs Israel, Amanda travels the lands of the Bible—a trowel in one hand and a camera in the other. Discover with her how Christians can…

• use archaeological finds to better understand Israel’s history
• shed a Western mindset and read the Bible in its original context
• comprehend today’s religious conflicts in the Holy Land

For anyone curious about Israel of the past and the present, The Red-Haired Archaeologist Digs Israel investigates the historical and modern contexts we need to understand both the Bible and God’s people. This two-week trip through the country, which begins as a search for the meanings of ancient Scripture, just might end with a clearer perception of our current neighbors and how Jesus would have us love them today.

RHA Digs Israel: Illustrated Appendix

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